ANNOUNCEMENT: Private sell is ongoing. Reach out to the team to join the private sell.      ANNOUNCEMENT: Private sell is ongoing. Reach out to the team to join the private sell.      ANNOUNCEMENT: Private sell is ongoing.

Cecil Network

Network for the gig economy

The Cecil network is fully autonomous, managed and operated by community members who are holders of the Cecil Token, the native token of the project.

About Cecil Network

The Cecil Network aims to be the leading platform for the service provider to make money easier and faster. Technology has made providing services on demand so much easier, with access to a smart phone, now everyone has the opportunity to generate an income. With blockchain technology, we can take the next step in streamlining an endless array of services on demand, from all types of cleaning, cars, houses, etc., to ride sharing, errand running, the list goes on, if you provide, or need service on demand Cecil will be the platform to use.

Token Name: Cecil Network Token
Ticker: 1 CNT = $ 0.10
Total Supply: 300 Million $CNT
Token Distributions
Token Distributions

Why Choose Us?

Cardano Blockchain

The Cecil Network ensures safety and trust by being built on the Cardano blockchain. Using Cardano smart contract with asymmetric cryptography and hashing functions, to secure usage and prevent access of malicious actors.

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Vetted Service Providers

The Cecil Dapp has a built-in mechanism to resolve and vet sellers.
Which ensures honesty, and integrity in services to be provided.

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Cecil Decentralized Network

Cecil Decentralized Network is building an ecosystem for gig service providers to earn and make a living in a decentralized autonomous environment fostering trust and innovation.

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Our Roadmap

Our Roadmap

Our Roadmap
Our Roadmap
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Our Dapp

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Powerful platform.

We are dedicated to providing professional on demand services and strive to add value.

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Meet the Founder

Justie Howard

For 25+ years, Justin Howard has led and created businesses. His passion for the crypto world began in 2014 when he bought his first Bitcoin. His entrepreneurial experience and business knowledge is now moving into the blockchain space with the creation of Cecil.

A platform that will revolutionize how service providers get paid and find work!

Token FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a decentralized public network that allows individuals, businesses, and companies to securely store and transfer all forms of data, information, and currency instantly.

What is Cecil Network?

First-ever decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) on the Cardano blockchain, to solve real-life problems facing the short service providers whose main source of income is from the gig economy.

What are the benefits of holding the $CNT token?

The native token of the Cecil network ecosystem is the CNT Token (CNT), which is used to reward users for providing liquidity, exchanging value as well as performing other operations on the Cecil network ecosystem.

Why is Cecil Network building on Cardano?

Since its Alonso fork, The Cardano smart contract has gained massive adoption while providing the entire blockchain industry with a fast, secure, interoperable, and fully decentralized network. We aim to help the Cardano ecosystem in building a stable crypto economy.

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